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Dave Germaine's Online Lessons
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Some interesting bridge boards to play

Play on your iPad, your PC or Smartphone.

Dave is a ACBL certified teacher in the Chicago area.
He has also been awarded the designation of Master Teacher by the American Bridge Teachers Association.
He teaches in 'face-to-face' classroom settings and on the internet.

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Dave Germaine

Brush Up your Bridge
with Vu-Bridge

Simply put, reporting bridge hands on a blog / website / bridge magazine / e-Book is a 2D (2 dimensional) process: The hand is printed on the page and there is no interaction with the player.

As opposed to Vu-Bridge hands, which are in "3D": the reader becomes a player and discovers the hands as if he sits at the table. Only experts can read a hand "2D" and make it become "3D" in their mind.

Other solar system denizens (for the most part humans, in addition to the Rueful Rabbit, the Toucan and the Walrus) tend to be locked in "2D" and would therefore benefit from a link to play the hand in Vu-Bridge.

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